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This is so sick!!!
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Okay, is hard for to imagine that I can be in this situation, it’s the kind of things that happens to you and your brain have a delay of days in order to understand that is really happening to you.

First of all I want to say this is not Hoax, no fake, is totally real; neither is a submission of…

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This scene is unreal. #wheresmyferrari #perfectdrivingroad
I’m obsessed with this app #madewithover @madewithover
#Bokeh #ItsaPhotographerThing (Taken with Instagram)

Nice sentiment, but we’d argue genocide and other crimes against humanity are a tad sadder.

#Mclaren #mp412c #supercar #cars (Taken with Instagram)

San Fran. Gymkhana five .2

Loads of respect to this man
Self portraits for class #Film #6x7 (Taken with Instagram)
Hometown love #Philly #Snapback (Taken with Instagram)

Creativity takes no excuses.

Wow so good!